Cedar Grove Public Utilities

Water / Sewer Bill Information

Water/sewer bills are generated on a quarterly basis and are mailed to each resident on a postcard. Payment can be dropped off at the Village Office at 22 E Willow Avenue, placed in the Drop Box on the West wall of the building, or mailed to Village of Cedar Grove, PO Box 426, Cedar Grove WI 53013. Please remember to include the bottom payment stub of your utility bill when making payments. If you have a pool, you may contact the Village for a credit on the sewer portion of your bill. You will need to provide the gallons that you used and our staff will verify the amount within our system. Our staff also monitors for leaks so you may receive notification that you have a leak. Please contact the Village office at 920-668-6523 for further information on how we can help.

Effective June 20, 2024, water rates will increase 8%.  Please see the notice below:
Also effective June 20, 2024, the late fee for the Sewer portion of the water/sewer bill has increased to 10%. 

Be sure to pay your water/sewer bill by the due date to avoid this charge. 

The late fee for the Water portion of the water/sewer bill will not change and will remain at 1%.  

In addition, effective June of 2024, all accounts that are in arrears for two (2) quarters will be sent a disconnection notice.  If water service is disconnected, a $45.00 charge (during business hours) or a $55.00 charge (after business hours) will be charged to the resident. 

Be sure to pay your water/sewer bill on time to avoid disconnection.   If there are questions or you would like to set up a payment plan, call the Village office at (920) 668-6523 or email

Billing Cycles

January - March - Due on/about April 20

April - June - Due on/about July 20

July - September - Due on/about October 20

October - December - Due on/about January 20

Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) - 2023

If you have any questions or need a copy of the report, please contact the Village Office at (920) 668-6523. Thank you!